FINGAL [capaldi]

Byron Bay, NSW

“Not so much a career as a musical Odyssey”


From humble beginnings, raised by foxes in the woods of England’s most jocular county of Essex, the traveling Troubadour and musical Raconteur, Fingal Capaldi arrived into the world thus.

His journey has seen him traverse the globe, boot-footed and Bardsome. He has plied his tuneful trade to audiences from Berlin to Byron Bay for over 25 years.

With a deep early love of Bob Dylan (Whom for the purposes of this tale we shall refer to as ‘His Royal Bobness’), juxtaposed against the musical and social climate of early 90’s Britain, Fingal packed up his saddlebags in pursuit of fame and fortune in the outer Antipodes, namely Australia.


This Occa twist of fate lead our traveling Bard through a series of perilous voyages and misadventures, eventually and inevitably landing him in the bohemian capital of the Southern outcrop, otherwise known as ‘Melbourne’. Arriving in this new and fertile pasture, a beautiful, organic birth occurred and so the Pirate-Gypsy cabaret Rock n’Roll band ‘Rapskallion’ was born.

Fingal’s time with this bunch of wonderful, musical misfits saw him tour for more than a decade, playing at a host of major music festivals, venues, and events along the East Coast of Australia, as well as two European tours.


In 2018 Fingal’s latest gang goes by the self-titled collection of ‘Fingal and the Curiosities of Essex’, and is a blend of back-alley junkyard blues, pirate Rock n’Roll vignettes, world music inspired psychaedelia and a taste of Celtic Mysticism to twist the moustache hairs.

Not so much a career as a musical Odyssey, Fingal is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and composer, storyteller, and nefarious front man, who has composed several scores for theatre, cabaret, and film. He has performed in a myriad of different scenarios, spanning from a New Orleans Mardi Gras as ‘Fingal and his Phantom Limbs’ to becoming suspended from an oak tree at a Secret Garden Party in Ancient Britain.

The tale continues. But for how long no one really knows…