We had a chat with the King Coaster boys this month, while they've been busy recording some new tracks and preparing for their debut E.P release early in 2019. 

With a new sound and impending unemployment in pursuit of the artistic dream, we asked them what's the grand plan? And is organ donation ever a viable option?....here's what they had to say.

What’s happening boys? Tell us about the new music you’ve got coming up? 

New music...new music yeah we’ve been working on about 8-10 new ones which we are hoping to get ready before the end of this month. Demoing, going back, re-doing... 

We're pretty happy with where its tracking. We've been writing a few faster paced rocky tunes and some slower ones as well. As always trying not to stick with one genre, and exploring some new ideas.

We’ve been jamming together for a few years now and we've had a fair few months off, so it’s good to be feeling like we are moulding back together again.

Your new track ‘Uda Bap Bap’, tell us about that. What’s with the name?

Haha working title. Probably going to be called 'Motions' or something like that. Something we came up with one boozey Saturday afternoon. Could be the next single but may not be.. 

So when can we expect to get our hands on your debut E.P?

We are in the process of getting this together. We're planning to have a few new singles out to everyone before the end of the year and into early next year. Probably 3 in total. We hit the studio at the end of this month to kick all that off, which we're excited about. 

The E.P is still a way off but we are hopeful to get something out by early next year. 

Any thoughts about what you’re going to call it? 

Big Reds Emporium. Haha nah, we have no idea. We like names that describe the feeling or place we are in at the time. 


You’ve been quite clear about wanting to have a clean slate with the music after your time with previous projects. Is the musical aesthetic very different given that all three of you were involved with those projects and if so, where are you taking the sound?  

Well most of the other music we have written has been based around a 4-5 piece arrangement, so it's definitely had its challenges adapting to that change. Definitely a lot of previous recordings we had were based on rhythm/ lead guitar parts and we noticed the difference in taking that to a live setting. At times it's felt like something was missing from the puzzle. But it's been something that has made us more mindful of each other for sure, and we have all had to re-learn our instruments in that sense. 

Jarryd, you’ve decided to give up your job to pursue music more full time. A bold move, but an excellent one we hope. Is that a daunting prospect? On a level of 1 to selling your own organs for money, how determined are you to make that work?

Look, I wouldn’t say it’s all for that reason. Anyone that knows me would know that I would chase the music dream in a heartbeat. 


Give us a little break down of your writing process.

It’s pretty organic – usually always music comes before the lyrics. It can stem from anything – a riff, a beat, a chord progression and usually just naturally progresses from there. Theres definitely a few arguments and innuendo’s that get thrown around through the process. The drummer can't keep time. 

A lot of it takes place after work and weekends and we all work full time so it can be fairly tiring, but I think as musicians we are always chasing that spark and if the magic happens we are always guaranteed to walk out of a session happier than when we went in. It's something we always strive for.    

If you could work with any producer/ engineer/ studio dream team who would it be?

Well it’s always a pleasure working with Jordan Power at Inky Studios who we have worked with numerous times! Epic Byron based Engineer who’s worked with the best. Feel like he really understands the sound we try to encapsulate as a group. Jordan is doing our next stuff and we psyched to head back there. 

Have to give a shoutout to our last engineer we worked with Julian Schwietzer & Craig down at Hothouse Audio in St Kilda. Hey to those guys. 

Individually we all have our ideas about that:

Jarryd – Dan Auerbach, Alex Turner, Josh Homme, Rick Reuben 

Rob – Bernard Fanning, Matt Redlich, Oscar Dawson 

Lucas – Bernard Fanning 

What’s the plan for the end of 2018 and 2019?

2018 – record/ release a few singles, play some end of year gigs, set ourselves up for 2019

2019 we are hopeful to start gigging a lot more, release an EP or album, record some live studio recordings, get onto some festivals. We’d like to add supporting local artists and the local Byron community to that list. There's so much local talent getting around here. We’ve always been a big believer in supporting and developing relationships with like-minded bands. 

Bigsound? Splendour? Falls? Ahhhh to dream...  

You all live together? Don’t you get sick of each other? 

Ah yeah well me (Jarryd) and Rob have lived together for years and years. We've lived out of each others pockets overseas and back here in Aus. It’s a sense of normality really. Just like anything I think everyone gets sick of each other at some point but that’s just human nature and I think there would be nothing worse than living with someone you couldn’t tell how it is.  

Lucas and Jarryd you’re brothers. When did the musical partnership really begin? 

Ummm well we would have to say 2013 when we really started jamming together. Rob and myself have jammed together since we were 16/17 though. Big love to our parents who let us destroy their houses/ work-places in the past few years. 

If you could play a set for anyone alive or dead, who would it be? 

Probably The Eagles


Whats everyones spirit animal?

Jarryd – A Lion. But tbh the only reference is my hair.

Rob – Rat or Dog

(B Side call is Friesian Horse just quietly....Manes for days)

Lucas – Orangutan eating a cream bun


Righto. Well here's to cream buns and unemployment benefits guys. Next pastry's on you...

King Coaster play at The Drive Thru on October 13 in Byron Bay. Event details HERE 


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