Byron Bay, AU


Not often does musical wizardry surface in the direction of an indie alt kid. But in Cameron Spike- Porters case, he got the lucky end of the draw. 

Someone has to from time to time right? We’re just stoked that it landed upon such a legend of a human.

Hailing from Sydney but grown in as a Byron local in recent years, Spike has been building a name for himself as one of the sickest guitar players down under for years, but more importantly in recent developments, a progressive studio engineer.

Taking over the legendary private Studio 9 in Byron, Spike has revamped it and is pretty much living underneath the control board, whilst cranking out E.P. after E.P.

Recently, the likes of The Badlands, Rigg City, Salt Brains, Sex Panther, Nipple Dick, Vamp Records, Harry Nicols, Alex McConnell, Pauly Adams and producer David Ely have all came to Spike to get his pixie dust magic on their tracks.

If you want to hear the freshest of Byron’s musical wizardry and talent, stay tuned to the likes of this new studio weapon.

BSIDERECORDS has been launched and it’s making waves from back to front.