Byron Bay, AU


Standing tall, “Staunch” as we like to say. Alex “The Rigg” McConnell is actually working on tracks that expose the other side of this hard rocking wizard. Better known for his work holding down the thunderous bass riffs for the Byron based Grunge Rock band “The Badlands”, he knows how to support the song.

Whether it’s writing heavy yet melodic riffs, or singing harmonies behind Pauly Adams, he finds ways to embellish a tune rather than clutter it. A seasoned skill that takes years to refine through trial and error.

You can never actually arrive at refinement you can only stay hungry in your pursuit and McConnell seems to be in hot pursuit.

Recently, recording a two song solo E.P. with Spike-Porter at Studio 9 in Byron Bay, he has tracked and produced nearly every instrument himself.

With an intimate vocal approach with hints of growl, layered vocal harmonies and complex arrangements, it’s giving us something more than classic nineties melancholy. It’s giving that nostalgic sound of the nineties a resurgence of new blood and tone. A new sound, more complex, yet dark as the night it was probably written in.

Keep an eye out for an exclusive BSIDE interview and release of his upcoming single, “Tatters”.

In the meantime, put on some STP, light some candles, drink some red wine and go head banging. Right.